Kanpekina Soryushon IT Technologies Private Limited enables a confluence of cutting edge edutech and educational institutions to enable a better learning outcomes along with new graduates primed for professional world. We strive to make available technology that streamlines processes from single unified platform.

Seamless Education Delivery

Acquire students, manage the institution’s brand, offer books, and other essentials, maintain records, from a from a single unified dashboard.

End-to-end student management

Connect with the teaching community, collaborate with thought-leaders, identify trainers and mentors. Find support and creative outlets.

Complete control on teaching style

Create lesson plans, or interactive courses. Add videos & presentations. Curate content. Teach the way you'd like to.

Top-Quality SERVICE

Be it installing new ERP or upgrading/replacing existing ERP for your institution, Kanpekina Soryshon IT Technologies can offer your institution end-to-end solutions to make your ERP get off to a flying start. Whether you are a new ERP user, still trying to get familiar with new ERP or an existing ERP user,Kanpekina  is happy to provide its assistance at each stage of ERP implementation 

Kanpkina Soryushon’s extensive domain knowledge, experienced team and proven ability to deliver within timelines and most importantly the fact that so much of it’s business comes from repeat orders from existing customers, makes it a reliable and trusted IT partner.


Combined Experience of nearly seventy years working with a wide cross section of sectors in a vast range of technologies.


Our experts walk you through each step of solution development


We place the greatest emphasis on being a reliable & trusted partner to our clients

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